About A2Z of English Teaching

This site aims to present the knowledge and skills required to teach English in an accessible and concise way.

It believes that English teachers should:

  • Listen carefully
  • Have high expectations of themselves and their students
  • Be open-minded
  • Have good subject knowledge
  • Be willing to admit to mistakes
  • Be compassionate
  • Be imaginative
  • Be adaptable
  • Be positive

What do you think are the essential qualities needed to be an effective English teacher?

When writing a post for this blog, please bear in mind these principles. The aim is for these posts to be brief, with 5-10 key points written in them. They should address these questions:

What is the topic you are writing about? Provide definitions, explanations in simple language about the topic is about.

Why is the topic important for English teachers to know about? Why do students need to know about the topic?

When might it be suitable to teach? What time of year, month, week, day etc would be a suitable time to teach it? When in the curriculum cycle should it be taught? At the beginning of a topic, all through it, at the end?

Who might benefit from learning this topic and why?

Where might it be taught? What are suitable venues, schools, institutions etc?

How might it be taught?

More learning: how might students and teachers learn more about the topic. Provide links, references etc.

Provide diagrams, videos, images where possible.

The ideas expressed on this blog are the personal views of the individual writers and do not reflect the views of any institution or organisation. They are made without prejudice.