6 top tips to set high expectations!

Do you need to challenge, motivate and inspire your students? Here are 6 top tips to set high expectations!


  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You have values, so should your students! Model positive behaviour, DO NOT! I REPEAT… DO NOT TOLERATE BAD BEHAVIOUR! Address it as soon as you can. Students need to be told what is expected and what isn’t. They cannot read your mind. You must show them in your language and your physical appearance. Having routines are key.

Embedding the school policies in your behaviour management is effective.  Be consistent and follow through.  


2. Adopt Positive Psychology to nurture confidence and self esteem

“Always look on the bright side of life *whistle excessively*”…

Check out this link:


Open body language to transmit those positive vibes.


3. Consistently encourage participation (praise contribution, safe atmosphere)… Strategies:

  • Use different ways to choose pupils to feedback to keep them on their toes – names on lollipop sticks, randomiser, choose the quiet students who you’ve spoken to before the class feedback and encourage them to say what they said to you one to one.
  • “Go on give it a go, it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong” OR invite them in by just mentioning their names after the point.                           


4. Be Reflective ☺ They say the best teachers are the ones who reflect on their practice constantly.  What worked, what didn’t and how can you do an activity differently – Do you know your students? Finding out what they are interested in, helps with planning. (Do a creative writing task where they talk about themselves).

5. Support

  • Try to use tasks are that relevant and engaging
  • Knowing your pupils to plan, challenge and support.  Whilst sentence starters are effective to scaffold, to support struggling students, try to encourage independence – Wordbanks or literacy mats are great for this.  For higher achievers, giving them more work to do isn’t stretching them – think about deepening their knowledge and perhaps linking ideas with a bigger picture.
  • If you are fortunate to have a Teaching Assistant in your class, utilise them well.  This doesn’t mean give them the handouts to distribute.  They will know the students well and a great source of insight.


6. Additional responsibilities

  • Knowing the school’s health and safety policy
  • Positive and safe environment
  • Being a positive role model both inside and outside the classroom
  • Collaborative learning and teaching
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