3 ways to help students improve their spelling


  1. Word bank

Think of it as collecting ‘money’ that will enrich their vocabulary. A word bank at the back of their exercise books of new words they discover throughout your lessons, is a good way to check up on what they’ve learnt and their spelling.


  1. Mark my words

Marking is the only time that teachers really get to see what their students are capable of and what they have learnt. Be sure to pick up on regularly misspelt words e.g. homophones. Students need to be aware of the mistake in the first place.


  1. Wiser by the week

Weekly spelling tests don’t have to come in the regular format. Tests embedded in lessons through discussions make it less formal and discreet that you’re actually testing them. E.g. if there is a word commonly misspelt in their work (tailored to YOUR students), at the beginning of the next lesson ask them ‘remind me how we spell this word again…’ and correct the error. Or check out fun but effective activities from online such as this one 5th Grade Spelling Test

By Jay Wilson and Lily Carlsen

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