Trophies, travelling and targets: why assessment feedback matters.

Based on  Petty’s 1989 Medals, Mission and Goal.

When completing an assessment students need feedback regarding the quality of their work, not just general praise. E.g. ‘you’ve used a wide range of sentence structures appropriately’ NOT: ‘great amount of work written’.


  • Short term goals.
  • Information about what exactly was done well in relation to the target.
  • Marks and grades are not medals as they do not give any information.


  • Information about what the student needs to improve, correct or work on.
  • Essentially a positive EBI.
  • Should be forward looking and positive.
  • One task could be to improve a previous piece of work.
  • Marks and grades are not examples of travelling.


  • Long term goals.
  • The ultimate aim e.g. ‘a 9 in their GCSE’.
  • The trophies and travelling should help the student reach this target.
  • They should be given well in advance, to make them more achievable.
  • They could relate to the AOs, e.g. ‘use paragraphs to show the structure of your writing’.

By Jess Skingsley and Natalie Faulkner




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