Tips for meeting TS3


  • Be passionate and enthusiastic whilst teaching- not every teacher will like/ or feel confident to teach every aspect of the curriculum but we must find ways of making it relevant i.e. Perhaps you don’t like Shakespeare but you like the issues of gender and marriage, sell these aspects of his work and encourage students to research their own individual interests


  • Foster a no-blame environment of discussion- allowing students to personally connect with their work, and learn from their peers
  • Discussions, and presentations are also a good way of checking, and promoting high standards of literacy, and articulacy


  • Use fun activities to make the subject relevant i.e. hot-seating, tableau, carousel, jig-saw
  • Encourage independent reading, and suggest books beyond the curriculum
  • Know your students and their interests. Make connections between their interests and their work.
  • Foster independent research skills by setting homework/ projects that encourages students to develop their knowledge
  • Have competitions that promote creative writing
  • Make use of other sources/ media – visuals, audio, magazines, music, news


  • Use mini-plenaries/plenaries to check knowledge- whiteboards, post-it notes, traffic light cards
  • Allow students to give feedback on their learning- What Went Well/ Even Better If/ What Would I like to know – use their feedback in future lesson planning to ensure their focus is maintained and misunderstandings addressed
  • Check SPAG but encourage self/ peer-assessment- use highlighters
  • Allocate the time for students to respond to feedback


  • Keep abreast of changes in the curriculum by subscribing to websites such as TES (news section), education sections of newspaper such as the Guardian/ Telegraph
  • Remember the aim is not to just pass an exam but to pass on your passion!
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