Be the saviour of bad behaviour

 5 Top Tips for Behaviour Management:

  1. Be a sheep

Follow the school’s behaviour policy and if there isn’t one, make your own! It’s guaranteed that the student’s will be aware of the procedure, so if you’re not, they will not hesitate to use it against you. Remember: the policy has been designed specifically for your school, so USE IT!

  1. Fake it to make it

Try to gain their trust and respect from early on by “befriending them”. In reality, that isn’t your job but if there is mutual respect and the students see you as more than just a policy follower (even though that is exactly what you should do), then your rules may not seem as though they are rules. Maybe not this extreme but here’s an example Secret Handshake

  1. They matter

This may seem obvious but a lot of teachers don’t actually tailor their lessons specifically for a class. Where possible: make resources relatable, be creative and actually get to know your students and who they are beyond the classroom.

  1. Be the timer

The countdown technique isn’t for everyone but we have found that actually students respond really well to it when it is routine. Here’s why: attach specific instructions to the countdown so there is no confusion about what is expected and by when. E.g. “when I get to 1, I expect all eyes on me and silence”

  1. Shout!

Actually, NEVER do this. Students categorically rebuke this action and 9/10 times will do it right back. Shouting usually only escalates the situation because most of the time, there is a story behind every bad behaved student.  There is proven research to validate this from Smart Classroom Management

By Lily Carlsen and Jay Wilson






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